Margaret Hirsch Founder of Hirsch’s
Margaret Hirsch Founder of Hirsch’s and Business Woman of the Year 2012/2013 “Most people are under the impression that Laser Lipo is a painful procedure – well I want to tell you that it its far from sore. It’s actually very relaxing, and gives you an hour to yourself to just lie and think. I have always been reasonably thin but over the years I got thick around the middle and had these huge muffin tops that hung over my jeans and looked terrible. With Laser Lipo they actually put the pads onto the fat bits and they measure you before and they measure you an hour later and you cannot believe how many centimetres you lose.. If you really want to get rid of a few more cm’s you can go into their “sauna” which is literally a tunnel that you go into that warms you up and you sweat more fat out of your body. I had seen before and after photos from other people who had had the procedure done, but didn’t believe them until it happened to me – and I could see the difference. I have managed to lose inches in all the right places.”
I came to Laser Lipo after months of diet & exercise had failed to give any results I took an 8 session package at Laser Lipo. My therapist also advised me to use the Lipo Tec Slimming Gel and take the infra red sauna treatment in conjunction with my laser sessions. The sessions were painless and not time consuming with no “down time” or any adverse effects. I was able to go in my lunch hour from work or after work. Laser Lipo Hillcrest is very helpful in trying to fit around my schedule to enable me to be able to get to all my sessions. My results were beyond my expectations and I can say 3 months after my last session, I am still experiencing the results. I lost a total of 26cm and have maintained that loss till today.
Tatum KeshawFormer Miss SA India & Model
Being a public personality with a busy lifestyle, there’s lots of pressure and little time to ensure I always look and feel great, Skin and Body. I’ve seen fantastic results with my treatments at Laser Lipo Global.
Anneline Hunt
Anneline from Kloof in Durban achieved a 40 cm loss on her thighs in just 8 sessions and 11cm loss on her tummy in just 4 sessions.The treatment was combined with the infra red sauna wrap which reduced the appearance of cellulite considerably.”
Sheina Kiyara GokoolMs. SA India
Laser Lipo Global has transformed my life by giving me an opportunity to speak for women all across Durban who struggle with those stubborn areas that were almost impossible to get rid of – till Laser Lipo came along! Laser Lipo is my secret weapon…I feel slimmer than ever and I’m at the peak of my self confidence! I feel great! Thank you to the amazing team at Laser Lipo Hillcrest…looking and feeling beautiful has never been more easy!” *Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person based on clients age, medical conditions and compliance to pre and post administration of treatments. The information on this site is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.