Hyperpigmentation Peel

Hyperpigmentation Peel

Did you know that not all Hyperpigmentation is the same?

The depth & density of dark patches varies between individuals & it is very important to use the right skin lightening cream.

Pharmaclinix®, the leading brand known for making best Skin lightening cream now have 5 products to treat hyper pigmentation:

Lightenex® Gold Serum is the most powerful combination of clinically proven chemicals, which reduces very dark, resistant hyperpigmentation. This is a night serum to be used three nights a week to begin with.

Lightenex® Gold Cream is the strongest day lightening cream for skin but less irritating than Lightenex® Gold Serum and can be used for sensitive skins.


Lightenex® Plus Cream is an excellent formulation to reduce epidermal resistant hyperpigmentation, or as a maintenance cream after skin lightening chemical peels. It contains 10 super-strength skin-whitening ingredients, which work in different target areas to stop the production of Melanin & quicken the degradation process. It also contains sun protection spf 15.

Lightenex® Cream is a gentle skin lightening cream, which is suitable for sensitive & dry skin.

Lightenex® Bright is particularly good for superficial or mild skin hyperpigmentation treatments.

Lightenex® Max Peel is a professional strength chemical peel, which gives great results quickly & safely, with a reduction of up to 60% pigmentation within 4 weeks. If you require RAPID skin lightening, e.g. before your wedding or have resistant hyperpigmentation, then the Lightenex® Max Peel would be the answer.

Lightenex® by Pharmaclinix®, scientifically designed for Asian & Darker skin tones.