Faradic Slimming

Faradic Slimming

How does Faradic Slimming work?

Faradics treatment or electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) uses the application of electrical pulses, which are applied on the body to stimulate the muscles to contract resulting in a tightening and toning effect.

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  • Increased circulation brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and removes waste products thus improving the appearance and functioning of the muscle
  • Muscular contraction improves the tone of the muscle
  • Sensory nerve ending are initially stimulated producing a tingling sensation at the beginning of the treatment
  • Motor nerves are stimulated resulting in muscle contraction
  • Blood supply increases therefore bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to the area
  • Waste products are more efficiently removed from the area
  • Vasodilation of the blood vessels improves the colour of the skin under the pads
  • Muscle contractions improve the lymphatic circulation in the area, which assists with the removal of the waste products